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throughout the efforts of research and also development, Aaron finally deploy a modified version belonging to the Li Rose Wei, but to create this new formula, Aaron has a condition that is to have Yang Guang?!

about the other end, Angela wants to start on the clean slate and do away with Geng Fei's manipulation, so she made use of the badger game to obtain Geng father and son's test reports for that product they developed along with let Ya Xin do it as a favorable evidence for any counterattack. Geng Fei would not expect that his arriving was actually planted in the hands of his dearest woman, and this time began never to understand, what is the problem, in what …

so that it is the new solutions release, Ya Xin as well as others, layout Geng Fei's blend under the auspices, Li Rose Wei Ⅱ are going to be released, which makes Geng father that is at the audience angry, lets him and Geng Fei take out the document plus the two men were finally arrested.

After everything can be settled, Ya Xin extends back to Yang Guang to create her happy, then requires Yang Guang to her Shanghai home, ready to finish the proposal ceremony that's interrupted … but he wouldn't expect … that Yang Guang will reject Ya Xin in order to marry!

Yang Guang has always believed that Ya Xin was just caught up by the moment, with a typical girl like her. everyday, as she is, law-abidingly returns to Okinawa, even in case she's in denial with how sad and heartbroken Ya Xin is right now….

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