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Brain eps 14 recap
Kang Hoon is still grieving over the loss of life of Kim Soon i'm as Dr. Kim Shin Woo tries to allow Kang Hoon her cover letter. Joon Seok passes the responsibility with the clinical trials to Kang Hoon siting conflicts with his department. Kang Hoon is on his solution to leave the laboratory if he sees Yoon Ji Hye and promises to go out on a date with her to be a reward for helping him with Kim Soon internet marketing.

Kim Sang Cheol stays in Dr. Kim Shin Woo as a way to find the imperfect memory. Kim Sang Cheol with his straightforward attitude refuses to perform on President Jang Yoo Jin in addition to arranges a meeting by using Kang Hoon in his or her office while Yoon Ji Hye gets thrilled preparing for the date….

Brain eps 14 recap :

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