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Brain Episode 19 recap
Kang Hoon starts the operation known as the "awake brain surgery"* with Kim Sang Cheol. Everyone says that this surgery is dangerous knowning that it should never be performed, while Joon Seok will be the boss of finishing the operation. Beom Joon gets injured when he sees Bong Goo and also Ha Yeong very sweet towards both.

Kang Hoon remembers his / her past when he looks at Yoo Jin along with Ruby. Kang Hoon gives Ji Hye motivation and a few help in the exploration, but she ends upward getting sick and bedridden due to excessive work so Kang Hoon went in search of her home to pay a visit to her…

Note: Awake brain surgery is a type of procedure performed while you're awake to help remedy some brain (neurological) problems, including some brain cancers or epileptic seizures. if you are tumor or seizure heart (epilepsy focus) is near the parts of your human brain that control movement as well as speech, you may be awake during surgery to react to your surgeon.

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