recap The Princess' Man eps 24 Highlights

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recap The Princess' Man ep 24 Highlights
OH YEA MY GOD! That's what I said next time i saw the ending with KBS' sageuk drama the particular Princess' Man. It wasn't what i had been expecting but I'm not necessarily complaining! I must say that ending was epic understanding that aside from the crisis Secret Garden, this is my second most beloved ending. So here goes this final episode highlight for the Princess' Man…

Episode twenty four Highlights:

Seung Yoo rescues se Ryung from being performed and removes her blindfold. They're surprised to see each other but then were content to be together again. Seung Yoo brings her returning to the camp and once again the gisaengs aren't content with see her. Meanwhile, Shin Myun storms from the room very angry that Se Ryung managed to escape and orders his assistant to collect their soldiers.

Seung Yoo talks for the other leader and explains to him Se Ryung's circumstances. They knew that the king's men will come looking for her so that they prepare for the assault. Seung Yoo looks at Se Ryung and they both knew what's planning to happen and he retains to counter Shin Myun's infiltration. They hide in the bushes as they definitely await the enemy.

Shin Myun and his soldiers get the rebel camp and also sees a bonfire can be lit. Thinking that the rebels may be sleeping, he orders his guys to attack and was surprised to find out the tents are vacant. It was too late for him to obtain that they were deceived and before he could swap to plan B, Seung Yoo and also his men starts the attack.

An intense deal with ensues with Seung Yoo's guys overpowering Shin Myun's amazed soldiers. Seung Yoo sees Shin Myun active with defending himself and seizes the opportunity and throws his sword at him but Shin Myun's helper blocks it for him or her and dies. Shin Myun was surprised and angry when they were forced to retreat giving the victory to be able to Seung Yoo.

Seung Yoo and his men returns towards the camp and celebrate his or her victory. He looks at se Ryung who was busy helping the other women. Se Ryung strategies and asks him in the event that he's okay. They went in the room and talk while she tends to his injured hand. Shin Myun buries his / her assistant and makes any promise to avenge their death.

The couple went to the river the following day to talk and Seung Yoo explains to Se Ryung that she needs to go back to the city for her safety. Se Ryung was hesitant at first but Seung Yoo was able to convince her. They went back to the camp having hands and said their particular goodbyes. She leaves and also the gisaengs who will accompany Se Ryung to the city.

Shin Myun's men were outside the palace and he's dealing with the other general concerning their plan. A rebel informs Seung Yoo and his men the fact that soldiers are now on their approach to attack the camp and they prepare. Shin Myun looks in the sky and holds her sword tightly. A separate number of soldiers are hiding while in the bushes with the some other general.

Shin Myun message or calls on Seung Yoo along with both camps started your battle. Seung Yoo and Shin Myun people off both men predominant and skillful. The other general percieves that Shin Myun doesn't stand an opportunity with Seung Yoo as well as orders his archers in order to attack using their arrows. Shin Myun who has already overpowered Seung Yoo makes hit by an arrow at the back. He falls around the ground and Seung Yoo gives him behind a barricade. Shin Myun remembers her happy times with Seung Yoo as well as Jung Jong and stands as long as attack Seung Yoo nonetheless he gets hit again by two arrows for the back and dies.

Seung Yoo that was also hit by way of an arrow but it's not necessarily fatal. He couldn't believe exactly how Shin Myun was betrayed by means of his comrades and angrily moves toward another group of soldiers. most people see the rebels rejoicing soon after defeating the King's troops again. Seung Yoo just isn't in a celebratory spirits.

Se Ryung and the gisaengs reach the town and she went into the temple where she views Kyung He praying. They talk and Kyung they notices her looking suffering and she tells the woman's she's feeling weird and also Kyung He tells her she could possibly be pregnant. Se Ryung was surprised but able to have Seung Yoo's baby. GOOD JOB SEUNG YOO!

Seung Yoo and his rebel friends are outside the palace. The king and twin are sleeping when your dog dreamt of King Danjong standing over looking at him and crying. A tear fell that will his hand and this individual wakes up only to see a drop of blood on his hand. Kyung He was in the garden her home playing using the baby when her maid tells her that this King and Queen are on their method to talk to her. She quickly informs Se Ryung but these were seen by the full. Her parents learns regarding her condition and was brought back to the palace. The Queen and ze Ryung were talking and i do think that this conversation was pivotal because the Queen finally realized that they can't do anything in order to change her daughter's thoughts.

Seung Yoo was dealing with his rebel friend and by evening, he enters the palace and kills each of the guards that stood around his way. King Sejo was praying within a room when Seung Yoo goes in and puts a sword to his neck. this individual lets the King find him and calls him or her by his name Suyang. He told him your dog should suffer and die from each of the crimes he have committed. Seung Yoo talked too much and was surprised should the King's men enters the space, it was a capture method and Sejo was joyful when Seung Yoo has been arrested. At the exact time, Se Ryung who was sleeping while in the room suddenly wakes upward and felt something's incorrect.

Seung Yoo was exposed to the plaza where Jung Jong had been killed, a soldier hits him inside head and blood gets going flowing through his skin. He was about that they are executed when Se Ryung occurs rushing in and shouting. She again tries just to save Seung Yoo. The Queen and Kyung he or she tells her to release but she didn't hence the soldiers were forced to split up them.

Seung Yoo was brought to the prison while Se Ryung was dealing with her mother and Kyung he / she. They're telling her which she can't do whatever and she starts shouting. Seung Yoo who was alone inside the cell remembers his brother along with his family very happy. The Queen and se Ryung visits him in prison and she was allowed to look inside the cell. Se Ryung cradles his exactly her lap and your dog opens his eyes beaming as he saw her.

Se Ryung tells him or her the news that she's with child and he was very happy he touched the woman tummy. Suddenly, he sales techniques his eyes and lets go of her give. Se Ryung knew he or she was dead and cried. another scene shows the rebel friends plus the gisaengs offering wine and flowers with a grave which I surmise is the fact that of Seung Yoo. Both Sok Joo in addition to Noh Kyul found love when using the gisaengs.

An old King Sejo will be shown (a time jump) and I'm undecided if the Queen explains him they're going a place. He's riding his carriage and travels to a mountain village while he stops and sees a person who looked like Seung Yoo with his daughter walking. The Queen who's going to be inside her carriage furthermore sees the man even so the man just walked past them.

The King follows the man to his house and was surprised to check out Se Ryung and Seung Yoo happily married and moving into their own home. YOUR flashback then explains precisely why he was alive: The Queen who ended up being with Se Ryung into the prison when Seung Yoo fainted orders among the list of soldiers to declare the particular couple dead and carry them to safety. She helped the pair fake their deaths and reported it to the King who believed the story right away. THANK YOU QUEEN MOTHER!

The couple went for the field and sees a horse and just like before when they going to fall in love against each other they rode the horse together but these times it's Se Ryung in the helm as Seung Yoo's can not control the horse.


our Thoughts:

ONE OF THE TOP ENDINGS I'VE SEEN! I couldn't believe the writer was able to fit in 1 episode a lovely conclusion to a tragic love story. I'm happy i was able to watch the idea live. The writer was in a position to play with our emotions on if or not Seung Yoo died. If you'd notice my posts on the chat box I has been like: HE'S DEAD… ALSO NO HE'S ALIVE!

The Queen was the silent hero personally, I totally understand what she's done. A mother's love for her offspring is certainly the greatest and she knew the amount of her daughter loved the particular guy that she possibly helped them escape.

This drama has proven over and over the powers of really like. LOVE CONQUERS ALL! I will be not often known seeing Park Shi Hoo and also Moon Chae Won together but hopefully when you need it they team up all over again for another epic performance.

To the writers along with the directors, thank you regarding giving us an legendary ending. 'Til the next….

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