Synopsis Deep Rooted Tree ep 1

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Synopsis Deep Rooted Tree eps 1

Chae Yoon is observing the terrain outside the good hall, deciding to plot and result in a perfect to assassinate Sejong the good. At just then he actually meets go on with Le Do. While he's considering whether to quickly kill Sejong, he flashbacks to be able to what's happening during years as a child time.

Ttol-bok is fighting with people that bullied his father, and it is scolded by his get better at. Ttol-bok is going out to experiment with with Dam Yi, when upon returning they discover that everyone of Sim Si (father throughout law of Le Do) is usually surrounding by soldiers. around the royal meeting, the ministers will be forcing Le Do in order to decree the death with Sim Si's family, le Do, although already ascended the throne even so the real power still controlled by King Taejong, provides no choice but to help agree. Upon seeing her confidants are all already been called away by queen Taejong, he decides to apply small court lady to save lots of Sim Si. Seok Sam finally manages to get Sim Si after traveling almost all the time, but falls into your trap of Jo Mal Saeng. Ttol Bok and Dam Yi are caught on the jail too in the end, and Ttol Book percieves the Seok Sam who's going to be dying.

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